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  • Shoe Fitting

    In order to determine the right shoe for your specific running style and foot strike we at RunGr8 have developed a process that we call “The Gr8 Fit Process”. Arch type, foot width, biomechanics, muscle factors, previous injuries and training regimens are the keys to a proper fit. The analysis only takes about 15 minutes. Schedule your free shoe fitting below!

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    We will ask you questions about your running goals and habits. Are you training for a race? How many miles a week do you run? Upon what types of surfaces do you run? Our staff will ask questions to determine if you have a history of injuries, or problems such as bunions, sensitive areas, etc., or if you wear over the counter or custom orthotics. All of these factors need to be taken into consideration.


    We then measure your foot. At this time we are diagnosing the structure of your foot, taking into consideration the width, volume, and arch heights.


    In order to determine arch type and pressure distribution we take a dynamic imprint of your feet. This is one of the tools that we use that helps us determine pronation and supination to fit your feet with the proper footwear.


    Next we will perform a running gait analysis using our slow motion video technology to assess your pronation tendencies. Once we have gathered this information we will bring out several pair of shoes that we feel best match your foot shape and pronation needs for you to try on. Feel free to try out the shoes on our in-store treadmills or take them for a spin around the block.


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