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  • Free Clinics

    Throughout the year we offer many FREE Clinics to help you train smarter and have more fun doing to. Be sure to check our Facebook Events Page for the latest clinics and events.

    Support your Girls (A sports bra clinic)

    Did you know 8 of 10 women are wearing the wrong size sports bra? Women experience running a little differently and every sports bra is engineered to support the unique needs and preferences of each woman. This clinic is designed to educate you on the importance of running or working out with the proper fitting and supportive sports bra. Our expert sports bra specialists will be on hand to help you find your BFF (Bra Friend Forever).

    Learn To Run Clinic

    Just like any sport or playing a musical instrument, to get the most out of it you’d probably take lessons. Whether you are just beginning or you have been running for years, our Learn To Run clinic will teach you four basic techniques to help you run better, with less fatigue and reduce the risk of injury. Grab a friend and catch our next clinic to get you off and running healthier.

    Injury Prevention/Foam Rolling Clinic

    In this clinic you will gain a new appreciation for the term “It hurts so good”. Discover the amazing benefits of foam rolling and five key areas of the body to roll out:
    • Discover how self-myofascial release helps to relieve minor aches and pains
    • Understand and apply foam rolling methods to help ward off injury
    • Learn how to maintain flexibility by rolling through knots and tightness
    • Gain new techniques to enhance your current foam rolling experience

    Nutrition/Hydration For Endurance Events

    Fueling your body can make or break your next workout or race. Optimum nutritional support for endurance athletics means consuming the right amount of the right nutrients at the right time:
    • Fueling Pre-Workout
    • Understand and apply foam rolling methods to help ward off injury
    • Post Workout Fueling
    • How To Properly Hydrate
    • Leading Up To Race Day
    • Race Day Fueling and Hydration

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