I started running track and cross country in Jr. High and throughout High School. It quickly became a passion for me and I have been running ever since. I’ve participated in numerous road and trail half and full marathons. I lead many of the training programs that we do from the store and I love to see people complete races and achieve times that they never thought possible. My favorite local race is the St. George Marathon and running the Boston Marathon has been my favorite out of state race. Working at RunGr8 is amazing. I love helping people get fit into the proper footwear that helps them achieve their running goals. I never get tired of new shoe smell as they come out of the box.


I started running at age 11. My Dad was running around inside our home because it was winter and he wanted to lose weight. I thought it looked fun and asked if I could follow. When the weather got warmer we decided we'd go outdoors and see how far we could run. This was the beginning of my love for running. I joined the Track and Cross Country Team throughout Jr. High and High School. I enjoyed the competition and the friendships made. This is much of the reason I love working at RunGr8. I love to hear about other people’s goals and successes. I love the friendships that come from our loyal customers. I also love to visit with new runners and help them to meet their running goals and develop friendships with them. I understand the struggles that can come from injuries and set backs and like to share in others life and running struggles.


I think my favorite distance to race in a Half Marathon, but I still have marathon goals I'd like to accomplish. My favorite marathon is St. George. I love the weather and running in the beautiful canyon. I love the atmosphere at races and haven't seen more healthy people in all my life. They are beautiful and happy at all different sizes, shapes, gender, ethnicity, age, etc. Get out and RUN!


My name is Adam Haynes. I love working at RunGr8 Running Center because it gives me the opportunity to help people who want to be better. It's important to me to get to know every customer and help them to get exactly what they need to achieve their goals and to stay in shape.


I am currently a senior in high school at Bingham where I run cross country and track. I have been running non-stop since my freshman year and I love everything about the sport. Last year I placed 3rd at state in the 800 meter with a 1:56 and 7th in the mile with a 4:17. This past cross country season I placed 4th at state with a 5k time of 15:22. Recently I underwent knee surgery and I am trying to get back to where I was physically. I understand how tough it is to get back in shape after taking time off or just starting to run, but having the right gear can make it so much better. Running has been such a blessing in my life and has given me so many opportunities that I wouldn't have had otherwise. This summer I will be attending the Air Force Academy to continue my running career.


Nothing else I've done has impacted my life as running has and I will continue to help others in any way I can to feel the same way about it.


I've been with the RunGr8 family since fall of 2015. It's awesome being able to work in an environment where you get to meet people that are just as passionate about running as I am. It feels really good to be able to help somebody along the way while they work to achieve their running/fitness goals, no matter how big or small. I've been running about 14 years. I've run several dozen half marathons, and 7 full marathons including the Utah Grand Slam. My favorite race is probably Snow canyon 1/2. I love running in our local canyons and trails. I think I'm drawn to running because my competition is staring at me in the mirror. The challenges and obstacles I meet are up to me to overcome.


I love working at RunGr8, it's so much fun to meet people who share a same passion with me. I found my love of running in 2014, my favorite race so far has been the Tulip Festival Half at Thanksgiving Point. I get super excited to run themed events like the Tinker Bell half in Disney Land. I love running and love this store.


I LOVE working at Rungr8! I love getting to meet new people who enjoy running just as much as I do. I love seeing people make and achieve their own personal goals weather that be their first 5K or their next marathon! I have ran several Ragnars, the SL half marathon a couple times, several 5 and 10Ks. My favorite races are the Provo Halloween half and I love running Ragnar! I started running about 7 years ago after watching my mom cross the finish line of her first marathon it was so inspiring watching her and all of the other runners cross that finish line I wanted to experience that same sense of achievement. I love running and I love the people I get to meet while sharing my passion!

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